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Edmonton International Airport is the
fifth busiest airport in Canada, and the
gateway to Canada's North. While there
may be little action at some points
during the day, there are several nice
locations to see some of the  more
interesting aircraft at YEG.

Edmonton International Airport has two runways: 12-30 (the south runway), and 02-20 (the north runway), which are both over 10,000 feet long, and often used interchangeably. In addition to the two runways, there are several aprons where it is possible to see unique visitors up close.

ATC Frequencies

The runway use in Edmonton can be erratic at times,

especially during calm winds. Often, with winds from the

north, runway 30 will be used for landings and runway

02 for departures. Likewise, when winds are out of the

south, landings will be on runway 20 and departures on

runway 12 and when the wind is from the west, 20 and

30 may both be used for arrivals and departures. Like

any multi-runway airport, there are no certainties, but

because there is low traffic at some times throughout

the day, pilots will often take the runway closest to their

parking position.

A scanner is recommended; see the frequencies below.

To find out the runway, listen to the arrival frequency

for arriving aircraft and to the clearance frequency for

departing aircraft. You can also ask on the Facebook

group. See the links below for some additional

resources you can use.

Encounters with security don't happen too often, as long

as you follow these general guidelines:
- Do not go closer than 10 feet from the fence, whether

you are using a ladder or are in a car.
- Make sure your ladder is shorter than the fence - you

don't want to give security the wrong impression.
- You can briefly go up to the fence for a picture, but

don't stay within the 10 foot zone for too long.

Wind direction and runway status:

CYEG NOTAMS (runway and taxiway information):

This Facebook group is good for finding out when rare aircraft visit YEG and a great way to connect with fellow spotters and share your favorite aircraft photos from YEG:
YEG Edmonton Airport Spotters/News

                                                                                  (Scanner Guide Coming Soon)

Edmonton Arrival: 120.500

Edmonton Tower: 118.300

Edmonton Ground: 121.700

Edmonton Clearance: 124.100

Edmonton Departure: 133.650

Edmonton ATIS: 128.000

Special thanks to Dray Connell for the additional photos.

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