Alex Praglowski Aviation

Spot #9: Regent Aircraft Services Parking Lot

This location is best used for arrivals and departures on runway 35L as well as departures on runway 17R. This spot does have a fence in the way, but the views from here are excellent, especially in the morning where arrivals on runway 35L have a beautiful backdrop with the Rocky Mountains. Runway 35L arrivals are blocked until aircraft are on short final due to the Regent Aircraft Services hangar in the way.

This spot also gives you a view of Apron 4, home to YYC's other major FBO, so it's common to see business jets and other special visitors on that ramp from here, in addition to numerous Dash 8s undergoing service at Avmax.

From Deerfoot Trail (AB-2), this spot can be accessed by heading eastbound on McKnight Boulevard and turning left onto McCall Way NE. Continue straight through the lights, and turn left onto George Craig Boulevard NE. From there, turn right onto McTavish Road NE, and continue all the way down the road to the parking lot.

Security Notes:
Regent employees can be hostile towards spotters. It's not recommended to stay here any longer than a few minutes. As always, stay 10 feet from the fence, where possible, although you can still go up to the fence for an aircraft. Avoid parking in the reserved parking stalls next to the fence.