Alex Praglowski Aviation

This official spotting location is best used for arrivals and departures on runway 35L as well as departures on runway 17R. This spot is slightly elevated above the fence, but there are also several picnic tables that you can stand on to get some extra height. Several parking stalls line the eastern edge of the lot, so you're able to sit in your car and still see aircraft without having to get out.

There is some terrain that may obscure your view of aircraft taxiing for 35L as well as aircraft touching down on 35L. This location is, in some cases, better for departures  since you're able to see the entire runway, as opposed to Spot 7.

From Deerfoot Trail (AB-2), this spot can be accessed by heading eastbound on McKnight Boulevard and turning left onto Aviation Boulevard NE. Continue straight through the lights, and turn right onto Aviation Road NE. From there, continue all the way down the road to the parking lot.

Security Notes:
This is an official location created by YYC,  security won't give you any trouble here.

Spot #8: Edward H. LaBorde Viewing Area