Alex Praglowski Aviation

This is one of the most popular locations among spotters here in Calgary, and is best used for arrivals and departures on runway 35L as well as departures on runway 17R. Along with that, it offers a great view of Apron 6, which is home to Signature Flight Support, a major FBO that often hosts quite a few rare visitors. All aircraft from the Royal Canadian Air Force will park here, and this can vary all the way from CT-155 trainers to C-17s.  Not only that, it's possible to get some great head on shots of any aircraft heading southbound on taxiway Alpha.

Touchdowns on runway 35L are directly in front of you, and this spot is also the perfect location for hearing aircraft spooling up for departure on 35L, provided there aren't other aircraft with their engines on nearby. There are picnic tables and planters that you can stand on to get above the fence.  Depending where you stand, departures off 35L will be blocked by a customs building also at this location.

From Deerfoot Trail (AB-2), this spot can be accessed by heading eastbound on McKnight Boulevard and turning left onto Aviation Boulevard NE. Continue straight through the lights, and turn left onto Aviation Road NE. From there, continue all the way down the road to the stop sign, and turn right on Aviation Place NE.

Security Notes:
This is a public location with picnic tables, but security has sometime given spotters trouble here because of their proximity to the fence. As always, try to stay 10 feet away from the fence if possible, though you can still go up to the fence for a photo of an interesting aircraft parked.

Spot #7: Aviation Place Viewing Area