Alex Praglowski Aviation

A small dirt area located at the corner of 54a Street and 65 Avenue - both gravel roads - that offers a good overview of runway 12/30, with full departures on runway 12 visible  along with full arrivals and departures on runway 30. Lots of zoom is recommended here, at least 300mm minimum. Heat haze is an issue here in the summer.

Coming from the Queen Elizabeth II Highway (AB-2), this area can be accessed by driving west on 50 Avenue (Highway 39) and making a right hairpin turn immediately after the interchange onto a gravel road, 54a Street. Follow this road for a few minutes until it ends at the gate.

Security Notes:
This spot is located in front of an airside access gate for EIA. Stay 10 feet away from it if using a ladder, and try minimize your time standing directly in front of the gate. An automated bird cannon is located nearby on the other side of the fence - don't be alarmed.

Spot #7: 54a Street and 65 Avenue