A 7 story parking garage that offers a great view of the northwest side of Apron I. This spot is best used for arrivals on runway 17R as well as aircraft parked on the north side of Concourse A, in addition to  WestJet Encore's gates.

Like Spot #4, this is one of the few locations for runway 17R arrivals, but arriving aircraft are far away and most of the landing rollout is obscured by the terminal buildings themselves. Along with that, parking here costs $10.00 per hour or $27.95 per day. Alternatively, you could park at P1 Short Term and take the elevator to the top level, which, for the first 30 minutes is $3.75, and $4.75 for the next 30 minutes. This spot isn't so great if you have a vehicle, but if you're just hanging around the airport, this is a great place to go.

This area can be accessed by heading towards the airport terminal building and keeping left. Entering the parkade area, look for the sign saying "P1 Long Term" with a Canadian flag and enter through those gates. Continue up the spiral ramp to the top, and head towards the northernmost end.

Security Notes:
No issues have been had at this location, although Airport Security doesn't like having spotters up here. If you're approached by them, be respectful and explain. They'll most likely leave you be.

Spot #5: P1 Long Term Parkade

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