Alex Praglowski Aviation

Spot #5: 36 Avenue E

A sidewalk that runs parallel to 36 Avenue E and around the southern portion of the main apron, offering views of aircraft at the gate (mostly those going to the United States), as well as De-icing Facility 3 (DF3), which is used by most heavy aircraft. This part of the apron has several hard stands where special visitors sometimes park. Aircraft on runway 12/30 are also visible in the distance. The sidewalk is slightly elevated above the fence in certain areas.

Coming from the Queen Elizabeth II Highway (AB-2), this area can be accessed by driving west on Airport Road, and turning left onto 31 Street E. Continue straight through the intersection and turn right on 36 Avenue E. Pull over where appropriate, but don't go too far from your vehicle.

Security Notes:

No issues have been had here. If you use a ladder, stay 10 feet from the fence and don't loiter within the 10 foot zone for long.