Aero Drive NE is a side road that runs directly under the flight path for runway 17R. This area is best used for arrivals on runway 17R.

This is one of the few locations for runway 17R arrivals, with the recent blocking off of the majority of Spot #1, but it is one of the best for overhead landings. If needed, you are free to walk along Aero Drive as there are sidewalks on both sides of the street.

On Aero Drive, near the green electrical boxes, there is a small elevated hill that allows you to get a view  of touchdowns on 17R.

Coming from Deerfoot Trail (AB-2), this area can be accessed by driving east on Airport Trail,  turning right (south) onto 19th Street NE, taking your first right onto Aero Drive, and following the road until you see some green electrical boxes on the right side.

Security Notes:
No issues have been had at this location, but try to pull over as far as possible and remember to leave your hazard lights on.

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Spot #4: Aero Drive NE