Alex Praglowski Aviation

Spot #3: Range Road 254

A gravel road that runs underneath the arrival paths for runway 12 and 02, and best used for movements on both. You can also capture departures off of runway 20 and 30, albeit up high. Runway 20 and 30 arrivals are also possible to capture, but very faintly. The terminal is also visible in the distance, but there are some grassy hills that may obscure it.

Coming from the Queen Elizabeth II Highway (AB-2), this spot can be accessed by driving west on Highway 19, and turning left onto Range Road 254. Once on RR254, keep driving until you come close to the only building  on the left side behind the fence, next to the intersection with Township Road 502. This particular area is best for arrivals on runway 12 and departures off of runway 30. For movements on runway 02/20, continue driving south as needed.

Security Notes:
No issues have been had at this location, but as a precaution, don't stay too close to the fence for too long. There are some private residences further south along this road - don't trespass.