Alex Praglowski Aviation

Spot #3: Aero Drive NE/Apron 9

A sidewalk along Aero Drive NE that is best used for aircraft parked on Apron 9, YYC's primary cargo apron, but also for movements on runway 11/29 (through the fence). This spot is one of the few locations at YYC where you can get head on departures by walking south along Aero Drive.  From here, you can also see  arrivals and departures on runway 17R/35L, but not well.

This is an excellent location for anyone hoping to capture close up taxi-in or pushback shots of cargo heavies. Anytime an Antonov 124 comes in and parks on Apron 9, the road is normally lined with cars and people hoping to get a look.

Alternatively, for aircraft parked further southeast on the same apron, there is  Aero Court NE, which is another road that dead-ends at an airside access gate near the Sunwest Aviation Hangar. From here, more photos are possible through the fence, albeit with some obstructions.

Coming from Deerfoot Trail (AB-2), this area can be accessed by driving east on Airport Trail, turning right (south) onto 19th Street NE, taking your first right onto Aero Drive, and following the road until you arrive at the apron. Alternatively, you can turn left onto Aero Way and follow that until you reach the airside gate.

Security Notes:
At the Aero Court NE location, do not park your vehicle in front of the fence. Park it further back along the sidewalk, and walk up to the fence, but don't stay there too long.  If using a ladder at either location, remember to always set it up 10 feet away from the fence. When Royal Air Force aircraft are present on the apron, there will be police at the Aero Court NE location, and they will ask you to leave right away. Typically, once troops and cargo have disembarked, it is okay to quickly grab a picture.