Alex Praglowski Aviation

A small road that is slightly elevated above the fence line, and best used for movements on runway 12/30. From here, you can best see arrivals on runway 30 as well as heavier departures on runway 12. Runway 30 departures are also visible, with aircraft taxiing past. Ladders aren't necessary for runway 30 arrivals, the fence dips below the runway at the touchdown zone.

This particular spot does not offer a completely panoramic view though - The view to the east is blocked by a large warehouse, and the view to the west is blocked by the cargo apron and associated infrastructure, but the view is clear enough to get touchdowns on runway 30 (see video below). From the BBE parking lot, you can get a full view of runway 12 departures. Aircraft on the cargo apron are also visible.

Coming from the Queen Elizabeth II Highway (AB-2), this area can be accessed by driving west on Airport Road, turning left on Airport Perimeter Road (the first intersection after the interchange), continuing along that road and turning right on 21 Street E, followed by a left turn onto 35 Avenue E. Pull over where appropriate.

Security Notes:

It's possible to set up a ladder closer to the fence with some walking, but keep it at least 10 feet away. Use caution if you use the BBE lot for runway 12 action, you may be questioned since it's their property. Also use caution when trying to take photos of aircraft on the cargo apron, don't stay close to the fence for too long.

Spot #2: 35 Avenue E