Alex Praglowski Aviation

This location is, by far, the best location we have to offer here in Calgary. Here you'll find a massive elevated area that runs for at least 300 meters parallel to runway 17L/35R, providing views that are simply unmatched. This area, while not an official location, is one of our most popular, and runs from the Airport Trail tunnel down to the unused concrete strips of what used to be part of Barlow Trail.

This location is best used for all movements on runway 17L/35R, with the possibility of 35R arrivals taxiing close up after exiting the runway, as well as departures taxiing close up on their way to 17L. From the southern end, it's also possible to see the northeast part of the new International Terminal and aircraft parked on gate there, along with close up views of aircraft taxiing in/out.

On the northern side, it's recommended that you park along the access road and walk up the hill from there, while on the southern side, it's possible to drive all the way in. See security notes for details.

From Airport Trail, this spot can be accessed by heading northbound on Barlow Trail and turning right onto 100 Avenue NE (or 25 Street NE), and taking another right shortly thereafter onto a construction access road. Follow that road until you pass over the airport tunnel and see the hill. Park on the other side of the road, facing east, after safely turning around. Alternatively, for the location further south, just continue along  the access road and turn left onto another gravel road. Safely park anywhere, but do not park right up against the edge of the elevated area. See security notes for more

Security Notes:
Security can be unpredictable at this spot sometimes. Often times they'll drive by without incident, but other times they may stop and tell you to leave. Generally, so long as you're not parked within 10 feet of the fence (on the north side) or right up against the edge of the elevated area (on the south), you'll be fine.

Spot #11: Barlow Trail Hill