This location is best used for arrivals and departures on runway 29 as well as arrivals and departures on runway 35R. Some arrivals and departures on 17R/35L are visible in the distance, but the view is limited. This spot is also best used for seeing taxiing aircraft close up on taxiway Romeo. Taxiway Romeo is most often used when 29 is active, by aircraft coming from the International Terminal. It's also used by most aircraft coming from Concourse A and B heading to 35R for departure, as well as cargo aircraft coming from Apron 7 and 9 to 35R. When 17L is in use, it's also possible to see the reverse, with aircraft heading to Concourse A/B as well as cargo aircraft sometimes using this taxiway. 

Alternatively, you can walk due northeast across an overgrown field to get a better view of arrivals on 35R. There, you'll find some dirt hills which give you a view above the fence.

This spot consists of a stretch of concrete with picnic tables and a few parking stalls. Recently, much of the western view has been blocked by the construction of WestJet's new widebody hangar, slated to be complete in 2019 in time for the delivery of their new 787-9 Dreamliners.

From Deerfoot Trail (AB-2), this spot can be accessed by heading eastbound on McKnight Boulevard and turning left onto McCall Way NE. Continue straight along McCall Way, and at the traffic, take the second exit to continue northbound on McCall Way. Keep going below the taxiway underpass and take your first left. Turn left again into the location. For the alternative location, it is recommended that you first park at the picnic tables and walk.

Use caution when entering, it's not so easy to get into if your vehicle has limited ground clearance, but it is possible if you enter diagonally.

Security Notes:
No issues have been had at this location, this is another official location created by YYC for spotters.

Spot #10: McCall Way Viewing Area

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