A large, fenced field best used for movements on runway 35L/17R. From here, you can also see partial  arrivals and departures on runway 11/29. Aircraft on taxiway Alpha are close up and pilots will often wave as they taxi by. 35R arrivals and 17L departures are also visible in the distance.

Since 2017, the majority of the field has been blocked off with concrete blocks and "no trespassing" signs put up, but this spot is still usable. It is alright to set up a ladder or stand on the blocks, though the top of the fence may be in the way. It's not the greatest location for photography, but it's great for a casual visit, so long as you don't go beyond the concrete blocks.

Coming from Deerfoot Trail (AB-2), this area can be accessed by driving east on 64 Ave NE, continuing straight past the intersection at 11 St NE, taking your second right (just before the UPS building) towards some fuel tanks, and making your way into the field on the right.

Security Notes:

Do not go beyond the concrete blocks or any of the "no trespassing" signs. It's okay to stand on the blocks (briefly) or set up a ladder a reasonable distance from the signs, but do not enter the field beyond that point. This field was the former site of the old Air Traffic Control tower, and is slated for redevelopment in the future, so you may see construction vehicles in the area.

Spot #1: Field Near UPS Building

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